Dave Stark

David “Dee” Stark is the vocalist for Product of Society.  Born in West Michigan and raised by very supportive parents, Davelearned how to play piano at the early age of five.  He studied piano for five years and began writing music within two years of learning how to play.

Having an accomplished musical career at Fruitport middle school/ high school as a percussionist, Dave could see the power in music and had a thirst for something more in his future.  He then learned to play guitar and that changed his life forever, playing in and out of various band during his early years.

In 2008, Dan Pearo reached out to Dave about starting another band called Product of Society. Dave stepped into the position as the vocalist and they started making a name for themselves playing covers and original music. They would go on to play with many local and national acts and could easily see that the crowds could feel what they loved to do.

When asked how he does it, he says – “I was fortunate enough to learn by playing with some of the greatest vocalists I’ve ever known. They are my driving force, and I’ll never be able to stop.  I have too many people counting on me.”

Brandon Pascua

Raised in Muskegon, MI, Hawaiian born native Brandon Pascua began playing guitar at 14 years of age; however, his instrumental days far proceeded his musical career.

Raised by singer/saxophone player Lexi Hart, Brandon stood alongside the stage watching and joining his mom perform before taking the limelight with a band of his own with best friend, Nick Leisenring, his freshman year of high school. Pascua would continue to explore musical stylings and be influenced by all genres: rock, metal, hip hop, country, pop… He would join Product of Society thanks to his late friend Jake Rameau in 2010. Jake and Brandon’s relationship would propel Brandon’s musical career in the local scene, and he would soon join a second band alongside Rameau, then Virginia Gray, now Lakeshore Drive.

Over the next few years both bands would transform, develop, and recreate themselves and their musical stylings. Brandon, and both bands alike, would suffer a great loss in mid-2014 with the passing of Rameau. The unfortunate loss would effect the bands’ native town and the music scene dramatically. Lakeshore would take a hiatus from performing and Pascua would continue with Product.

Now in fall of 2015, after 28 years of love, lust, and loss, Pascua continues with Product of Society and a recently reunited Lakeshore Drive. Music continues to be Pascua’s primary source of expression and escape; his love and resentment for himself and the life he’s created inspires his music and defines his existence.

Dan Pearo

Dan Pearo was born and raised in Muskegon MI. He spent lots of time at his grandparents house, hanging out in the garage with his uncle listening to rock and metal while working on cars and motorcycles. He got his first acoustic at the age of 12. Being a fan of metal he soon realized he needed an electric guitar. He got his first electric at the age of 13. He was faced with the challenge of learning to play as a left handed musician. He ended up switching to bass guitar at age 17, It was then that he found his passion and began playing in bands and jamming with his closest friends.

Influenced by the styles styles of Peter Steele of Type O Negative, Rachel Bolan of Skid Row, and Duff McKagan of Guns N Roses, Pearo honed in his skills playing in bands like Social Integrity, Enrapture, Indrid, and now Product Of Society.

Pearo credits his friends Ian Raven, Dave Stark, Jared Ingersoll, Glenn Niesen, Joe Lockhart and Joel Rodriguez for being his inspiration and driving force to be a musician. Pearo and his current band mates now play every show in honor of fallen band mates Ian Raven and Jake Rameau, proudly displaying the Raven as the band logo and immortalizing the fallen musicians in songs written by or for them.

John Dick Allen

Born and raised by the fresh waters of Lake Michigan, John R Allen is a classicaly trained pianist, saxophonist, and drummer. John picked up his first set of drum sticks when he was ten years old. He honed his skills by studying privately under the instruction of Steve Harris (Four Finger Five) and playing in the Mona Shores marching band drumline, as well as playing in the bands Silent Earth, and From Broken Screams. The intrepid drummer John joined Product of Sociey in the year 2010. Since then, he has played many crowd-pleasing shows in Muskegon and throughout the Midwest. John pulls his rhythmic inspiration from drummers such as Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band), Kris Myers(Umphreys Mcgee), Stanton Moore (Galactic), and Matt Halpern (Periphery). His creative talent is apparent not only in his skills on the drum set, but also in is skills as a glassblower.